Open Source Software for Scientific Applications

The ​BioUno​ open­ source project seeks to improve scientific application automation, performance, reproducibility, usability, and management by applying and extending software engineering (SE) best practices in the field of scientific research applications. Deliverables from the project have found a variety of applications in life­science research (bioinformatics, genetics, drug discovery).

  • We ​explore​ and apply​ best practices in software engineering to support the project mission
  • We ​develop extensions​ to established SE tools, frameworks and technologies that directly ​ support​ or indirectly ​enhance​ scientific applications.
  • We ​develop APIs​ and ​integration​ points that empower scientific applications through the use
  • We promote ​collaboration and reuse​ through contributing to existing open source projects
  • We ​educate users​ through blog, wiki, and presentations on the application of SE best practices in scientific applications
  • We ​advocate​ with software engineers for enabling SE tools and frameworks for use by scientists

Read more about the project, its mission, objectives, motivations and strategy.

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