BioUno meeting 2016-11-18

Participants: Bruno P. Kinoshita and Ioannis K. Moutsatsos. 2016-11-18 08:00 PM UTC using Google Hangouts.

Meeting topics

  • Regressions in Active Choices Plug-in
    • Action: Bruno to try to write unit tests to prevent it from happening again

BioUno Project Developer and User Engagement

  • Do we have any statistics?
  • Are previous contributors/users still engaged?

BioUno Web Site

  • Do we need a refresh?
  • New material? What is of interest?

Ioannis’s Playground Explorations

  • Interactive UIs with Active Choices and JavaScript
  • International Image Interoperability Framework (iiif) Cantaloupe (project owner is very collaborative and responsive! Kudos!)

Future Directions

  • Script management beyond Groovy (especially R)
  • Build metadata, tagging and searching
  • Build parameter management and re-usability
  • Image management
  • Interactive build and report user interfaces
  • High performance computing
  • Jenkins in data-science (Spark integration etc)
  • Cloud computing and resource management