BioUno meeting 2016-07-27

27 July 2016 by Ioannis K. Moutsatsos, Bruno P. Kinoshita

Participants: Bruno P. Kinoshita and Ioannis K. Moutsatsos. 2016-07-27 08:00 PM UTC using Google Hangouts.

Meeting topics

New requirements

  • Control number of items shown in Active Choice Options.
    • note: There is already a ticket for that in JIRA
  • Allow an HTML select element to be displayed like a multi-select, but the user must choose just one
  • AC-Reactive-Reference: Easier way to pass an ‘input’ value to the build-New return type option?
    • action: To think
  • Improve ‘trigger’ control of a ‘self-referential’ active reference.
    • note: there is already a ticket related to that (filtering delay)
    • note: probably related: JENKINS-34750 Reactive Parameter updating on click of itself not on change of referenced parameter
    • option #1: Suppress trigger parameters, Delay, or ignore change due to filtering
    • option #2: Have a button for on-demand triggering the change
  • r plug-in
    • action: Have a better way to search for the plug-in name in the update centre

Current issues in Jenkins Plug-ins

  • JENKINS-31973: When using the scriptler plugin the server is responding very slow
    • action: Need to find an easy way to reproduce the issue
    • action: @bruno try to reproduce and comment back in the mailing list
    • note: fixed for Folders, other issues logged for multi-branch and multi-configuration
  • Scriptler links to scripts: are they correct in Active Choices? Bug JENKINS-24584: View selected script option’ in build configuration displays wrong scriptler script
    • action: @bruno will work on this issue in this development cycle
  • BioUno log reports errors that do not trigger default script or affect functionality. Can we clean it up?
    • note: related to: Bug JENKINS-34188: jenkins.log noise: “script parameter … is not an instance of Java.util.Map.”
    • action: @bruno will work on this issue in this development cycle
  • Bug JENKINS-36158: Active choice reactive reference parameter not working on checkbox reference
    • action: @ioannis will reproduce and comment on the ticket Can’t reproduce. See CheckBoxValue_Propagation project on test server. Left comment on JIRA (10/11/2016)
  • JENKINS-35101 The selected values of checkbox reactive parameter are not available in Scriptler groovy script
    • note: I think I’ve also experienced this
    • note: Need examples to test with
    • note: @bruno pinged the user. If there’s no answer, close as Not able to Reproduce or similar status
  • Value of file type Active Choice React Reference is not cascaded. Want to cascade name of user selected file
    • action: @ioannis will file an issue in JIRA JIRA-38893
    • action: @bruno will work this ticket, given that the file parameter works and should be easy to fix

Future Directions

  • R Plug-in improvements and Scriptler integration
  • PBS Plug-ins n’ DRMAA integration
  • Script catalogs for organizing and grouping functionality. See also: JENKINS-24354
  • Deploy R on Jenkins. Invoke with API and parameters (See Domino Server
    • note: we can use RServer with Java to transform Jenkins into a kind of Shiny server
  • Metadata catalog and metadata searching
    • note: enrich build metadata with property artifacts so they can be found using the Jenkins API
    • note: implement flexible metadata searching
    • action: @bruno to make some progress during this development cycle

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Changing the type of an attribute serialized by XStream in Jenkins Plug-ins

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This post was written while fixing JENKINS-23772 for the Image Gallery Plug-in. This plug-in can be used to create image galleries for artifacts found in the workspace in Jenkins.

What was suggested in JENKINS-23772, was that instead of accepting only integers for the width, that the plug-in started to accept text values as well. This way 10, 10px or 10% as valid values. The challenge in user requests like this, is how to maintain backward compatibility in your plug-in, while releasing a new version that changes objects and attributes.

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