Uno-Choice: Our first user contributed plug-in

20 March 2014 by BioUno team

Uno-Choice has been released and is our first user contributed plug-in. This plug-in was proposed by Ioannis Moutsatsos, and has been described as a “proposal (…) for selecting one or multiple parameters. Attempting to fill the gaps left by current plugin options”.

Uno-Choice Plug-in

Version 0.1 is able to add dynamic parameters to your Jenkins jobs. You have the ability to create multi selects from Groovy scripts. How cool is that? If you miss anything in Jenkins UI for your research in bioinformatics, please feel free to submit your issues and we will try to help ya.


Uno-Choice plug-in

Have any suggestion for a new plug-in? Send it in and we will help you to code and release it.

More plug-ins released

19 March 2014 by BioUno team

In the past days two more plug-ins were released to our update center. The plug-ins are CLUMPP plug-in and Structure Harvester plug-in. Before that the first plug-ins released were the Structure and PBS plug-ins.

Structure Harvester is a Python utility with a web interface. It is useful to extract relevant data from Structure. CLUMPP is used usually after Structure and Structure Harvester. It is able to permute the clusters output by independent runs so that they match up as closely as possible.


Both plug-ins use Builders, similar to the wrappers in Galaxy, and let you add build steps to call the tools.

Read more about the plug-ins:

CLUMPP plug-in
Structure Harvester

Stay tuned for more plug-ins!

Announcing the BioUno Update Center for Jenkins plug-ins

8 March 2014 by BioUno team

We are happy to announce that the Jenkins plug-ins developed in the BioUno project will be now available online to all Jenkins instances through the plug-in manager interface in Jenkins.

It means that you won’t need to manually install plug-ins anymore. Now you will be able to use Jenkins interface (or scripts) to download plug-ins.

Follow the instructions in the page Jenkins Update Site to add the new update center and have fun hacking your Jenkins.

ps. Thanks to the @ikedam for the perfect instructions on how to create an update center for Jenkins.

The BioUno blog is live

3 March 2014 by BioUno team

We are migrating our old web site to GitHub pages. We expect that it will make typos, new docs and suggestions easier to get fixed, merged and released. Feel free to submit your pull requests or suggestions.

Right now, our focus is in completing our initial paper and releasing more plug-ins. But for that we also have to finish deploying the update site. As you can see, there is a lot of work to do, so if you have some spare time and want to join us, just drop us a note.

We hope you enjoy the new web site, and have fun automating your work with Jenkins!

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