The project roadmap includes in no specific order:

1Finish our first paper (work in progress).
2Write more plug-ins for phylogenetics and other areas (we are open for suggestions).
3Integrate Jenkins and Galaxy (we can use a lot of nice UI features from Galaxy).
4Take a look at how CellProfiler handles batch processing. Jenkins can probably be used as an alternative.
5Write page on how to reproduce pipelines created in Jenkins.
6Add a citation standard for plug-ins (and external tools used as well). We could probably use GitHub DOI with Zenodo. Read more about it here.
7Work on the improvement of capturing and searching analysis of metadata (Thanks for @imoutsatsos for the suggestion)
8Record videos for some of the documentation pages, like scheduling your first job or installing plugins.
9Investigate if creating an alternative, pure Java, DRMAA API, and a PBS binding would be doable.
10Update the PBS Plug-in to work with different grid servers (probably depends on #9)

Would you like to see any other item in the roadmap? Send us your suggestions.