Meet the team working on BioUno.

Brian Patrick Bourke

Brian is a research biologist from the University of Nottingham. He loves wildlife, reading and using molecular data to address questions in ecology, conservation and evolutionary biology. He enjoys fishing, hiking and discovering places with great natural beauty, cuisine and beverages.

Bruno P. Kinoshita

Bruno is a programmer, graduated from Mackenzie University in Brazil, currently helping researchers in New Zealand. He loves programming, cooking, drawing, reading, jogging and practicing slack line. He is also an Apache Commons committer, Apache Jena committer & PMC, maintains several Jenkins plug-ins and contributes to several other Open Source projects.

Ioannis K. Moutsatsos

Ioannis is a research scientist with a pharmaceutical company in Cambridge MA, USA. He holds graduate degrees in Biochemistry and Software Engineering and has worked in the life sciences field for over 25 years. He has strong interest in reproducible research, metadata and computational workflows.