The project roadmap includes in no specific order:

# Item
1 Finish our first paper (work in progress).
2 Write more plug-ins for phylogenetics and other areas (we are open for suggestions).
3 Integrate Jenkins and Galaxy (we can use a lot of nice UI features from Galaxy).
4 Take a look at how CellProfiler handles batch processing. Jenkins can probably be used as an alternative.
5 Write page on how to reproduce pipelines created in Jenkins.
6 Add a citation standard for plug-ins (and external tools used as well). We could probably use GitHub DOI with Zenodo. Read more about it here.
7 Work on the improvement of capturing and searching analysis of metadata (Thanks for @imoutsatsos for the suggestion)
8 Record videos for some of the documentation pages, like scheduling your first job or installing plugins.
9 Investigate if creating an alternative, pure Java, DRMAA API, and a PBS binding would be doable.
10 Update the PBS Plug-in to work with different grid servers (probably depends on #9)

Would you like to see any other item in the roadmap? Send us your suggestions.