Using the Jenkins R Plug-in

Using the Jenkins R Plug-in

The Jenkins R plug-in has been released to the Jenkins community. So you can download it from Jenkins update site directly. Follow the instructions here to install the plug-in.

After you've installed the plug-in, proceed by creating a FreeStyle project. Now add a build step to Execute R script. You'll need R installed, as the plug-in calls RCmd to execute the scripts.

We will use an example from, that is a very introductory article describing how to plot data with R. Copy any of his examples and paste in the Script text-area.

Now save and build your project.

Check the output in the job console. You should see something similar to the output below.

As by default R outputs the graph as a PDF, now you should have a PDF in your job workspace. You can browse it via the web interface or via a file navigator.

And here's the output of the R script that you executed in Jenkins. You can use this plug-in for computing statistics, plotting, measuring fuzziness of sets, among other interesting stuff that you can do with this plug-in.